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How to Differentiate Between a Dental Emergency and Regular Dental Pain

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia09/23/2023

Knowing how to distinguish a dental emergency from regular dental pain can help determine when emergency dental care is needed.


What Happens If You Allow Gum Disease to Go Untreated?

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia08/31/2023

This condition goes beyond an oral health issue; it becomes a quality-of-life issue when it negatively impacts self-esteem, speech, and nutrition.


What Should You Avoid After a Bone Graft?

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia08/03/2023

The bone graft healing process and proper aftercare are crucial to successful dental restoration, including dental implant placements.


The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia06/30/2023

Explore the prompt, expert dental emergency care provided by Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia in Houston, TX. Don't wait, contact our facility now!


Understanding the Stages of Gum Disease

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia05/31/2023

This blog details gum disease stages from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis, emphasizing early detection and treatment with Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia.


When Can I Receive a Dental Implant After a Bone Graft?

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia04/30/2023

Gain valuable insights on the timing of dental implant placement after a bone graft procedure, ensuring successful outcomes for your oral health.


How Does the X-Guide® 3D System Work for Full-Arch Dental Implants?

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia03/30/2023

X-Guide Dynamic 3D Navigation system helps to provide more precise and accurate placement of full-arch dental implants for Houston, TX patients.


What are the Early Signs of Gum Disease?

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia02/28/2023

Recognize the signs of gum disease so that it can be caught early, when it will likely be easier to treat.


What Is The Recovery Time After A Bone Graft?

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia01/31/2023

Find out how long recovery takes after bone grafting surgery so you can plan your dental implants and restorations, and restore your oral health.


What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia12/31/2022

Find out if you are suffering from a dental emergency and what your dental emergency treatment options are in Houston, TX.


How Can a Dentist Treat Gum Disease?

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia11/30/2022

Our experienced dentists offer various imaging, preventive, and treatment strategies to prevent, correct, and reverse the effects of gum disease.


When is a Bone Graft Needed?

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia10/29/2022

A bone graft may be necessary for patients who are missing one or multiple teeth and lack essential jawbone strength or density.


Systemic Link

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia10/07/2022

Here are some interesting facts and sobering facts concerning periodontal diseas


Alzheimer's and Gum Disease

Dr. Patrick V. Nicosia09/15/2022

Study shows gum disease is linked to Alzheimer's

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