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Periodontal gum disease is a progressive condition, increasing in severity over time as bacteria found in your mouth mix with pieces of food and saliva, causing plaque to develop. Many men and women think that brushing and flossing are all it takes to eradicate plaque, but that is just not the case. To manage periodontal maintenance, it is important to see a professional, like experienced dentist Dr. Nicosia at Patrick V. Nicosia D.D.S., M.S., Inc. in Houston, TX. Periodontal disease can advance beyond the beginning stage (gingivitis) into the stages known as periodontitis and advanced periodontitis with tooth and bone loss becoming very real possibilities. Both of these conditions can cause a number of issues for any patient.

If it’s been a while since you visited a dentist and you’re experiencing any of the below symptoms, you may be experiencing early signs of periodontal disease:

  • Bleeding when you brush or floss (bleeding from your gums is never normal)
  • Tender, swollen, or inflamed gums
  • Dental sensitivity to hot or cold beverages and foods
  • Bad breath or lingering unpleasant taste in your mouth

There are a variety of dental treatments that can be helpful in the battle against gum disease. The primary goal of treatment is to control infection. In addition to the advanced technology used by Dr. Nicosia, his team is prepared to perform many of the procedures in his comfortable and state-of-the-art Houston dental clinic. Periodontal cleaning and periodontal maintenance have these additional benefits:

  • More intense cleaning of the areas above the gumline (also known as supragingival cleaning)
  • Deeper cleaning of tartar and bacteria below the gumline (also known as subgingival cleaning)
  • Smoothing of the tooth’s root to effectively eliminate any remaining bacteria (also known as root planing)
  • The use of antibiotics or antimicrobial cream creates expedited healing
  • Proactive approach using advanced imaging technology to monitor the extent of (and defend against the advancement of) bone loss and gum recession

Although the degree of gum disease and level of care needed to treat the condition will vary among patients, periodontal maintenance is generally recommended every 3 – 4 months. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Nicosia, he’ll provide you with a treatment plan, including a schedule of future appointments before your first treatment begins.

I have been a patient of Dr Nicosia for 30 years and I am not going anywhere. He treat my family and friends in the best way that no doctor ever has.The best doctor who cares for his patients and who runs an office in a most professional way. He is a perfectionist in his profession and a friend to his patient. We love him and everyone in his office. Thank you Dr Nicosia for keeping our teeth and mouth in such top condition.

J.B. Google

I get the best care when I go see Dr. Nicosia. I truly appreciate Dr. Nicosia for his expertise and all the staff for their professionalism and big help! Thank you all so much for taking care of us!

L.R. Google

Dr. Nicosia is "go-to" for anything That is unexplainable...he not only explains the issue..of course he remedies the issue! I have been his patient now since 2013 between teeth cleaning with Cindy the hygienist and the assistants of Dr. Nicosia. I see them treating all of their patients with respect and most importantly appreciation.

P.W. Google

Been patient for many years. Wonderful!

L.P. Google


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While gum disease cannot be cured, regular treatments and periodontal maintenance appointments may help keep symptoms manageable and help prevent further damage to your smile. If you would like more information about periodontal disease and how our team at Patrick V. Nicosia D.D.S., M.S., Inc. can create a customized treatment plan for you, contact our center in Houston, TX and schedule your consultation.

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