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People of all ages often have anxiety about being at the dentist. Our team of highly trained professionals is aware of this anxiety and wants to help each patient be relaxed when having dental attention at our practice. In conjunction with having an attentive approach to care, we will listen to your concerns about dental anxiety and recommend the best sedation protocol for your procedure. These sedation methods would enhance patient's comfort, lower anxieties, and encourage worthwhile experiences for our patients.

How we provide sedation at Patrick V. Nicosia D.D.S., M.S., Inc. may be different, depending on your level of anxiety, the procedure, and the form of sedation being used. These sedation protocols are designed to create a whole-body relaxation experience. Oral sedation allows patients to enter into a relaxed state but still be able to respond to our dental experts when instructed to open the mouth wider or hold still. Oral sedation allows the patient to be awake and communicative during the procedure but feel very relaxed.

Dr Nicosia was my dentist over 20 years ago before I moved to another city. He is the best and very knowledgeable in his field. I still have my teeth so that is definitely due to his expertise in gum surgery and teeth care. My husband recently started having dental issues and needed to get expert care so of course we made the trip to Houston to see the expert. We are both extremely happy with the dental experience Dr Nicosia and his staff provide for our family.

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Dr. Nicosia and Cindy are simply the best at what they do. They care deeply about the patient's well being. I have been treated for dental care with Dr. Nicosia and Cindy over a decade now and wouldn't go anywhere else.

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Knowledgeable, great surgeon,Painless, the best.

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Being a patient of Dr. Patrick Nicosia for the past 30 plus years has been a real pleasure. Dr. Nicosia and his staff make you feel welcome and relaxed when attending appointments. There is never an ounce of anxiety when sitting in the dentist chair. Over the past 30 years, even with changes, Dr. Nicosia and his staff have continued to exceed my expectations, they have always been kind and courteous, going above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. Thank you Dr. Nicosia and your entire staff for making my visits to your office some of my best experiences.

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I and two other family members have used Dr. Nicosia over the past 10 years for dental implants. He’s absolutely the best! He is passionate about his work, uses the latest technology and is honest, kind and professional. His staff is equally excellent. I wouldn’t go to anyone else and I always recommend him to anyone needing dental work.

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Am I a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Dental stressors may be a struggle to work through for patients at any point in life. These fears can are caused by memorable surgeries, the possibility of having multiple treatments, and various other factors. Patients in Houston, TX may feel uncomfortable while being subject to a range of services, from invasive dental, jawbone, or gum surgeries to biannual dental cleanings. For several people, just the act of going to the dentist makes them feel anxious. At your consultation at Patrick V. Nicosia D.D.S., M.S., Inc., our team will ask about your problems and suggest a proven choice of sedation that may make your journey toward acquiring a lovely smile more peaceful and free of fears.

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Every individual should be able to get the dental care they need without oral fear or stress standing in the way. Dr. Nicosia is pleased to perform numerous kinds of sedation dentistry to help you have a more pleasant time at the dentist, whether you see us at Patrick V. Nicosia D.D.S., M.S., Inc. for oral exams, reconstructive procedures, or additional forms of care. To know further details on how dental treatments can be a stress-free encounter, contact our Houston, TX staff to make a sedation dentistry visit.

Is it safe to drive home after having sedation dentistry?

No, after undergoing a procedure with sedation dentistry, it is strongly recommended that patients have a friend or family member drive them home. Though oral sedation leaves patients awake and communicative during the procedure, it may still affect judgment, coordination, and reaction times afterward. Arranging for transportation ensures patient safety and allows for a worry-free recovery from the dental appointment.

How does the team at Patrick V. Nicosia D.D.S., M.S., Inc. determine the right level of sedation for my procedure?

Determining the appropriate level of sedation is a personalized process. Our team of highly trained professionals will carefully assess factors such as your overall health, the specific dental procedure, your level of anxiety, and any previous experiences with sedation. This thoughtful approach ensures that the chosen sedation protocol is tailored to your individual needs and promotes a comfortable and anxiety-free experience.

Can I eat or drink before undergoing sedation dentistry?

The guidelines for eating and drinking before sedation dentistry may vary depending on the specific type of sedation used. In some cases, you may be advised to avoid food and drink for a certain period before the procedure, while in others, light meals may be allowed. Our team will provide clear and detailed instructions based on your particular situation, ensuring that you are properly prepared for the sedation and the procedure itself. Following these instructions is essential for a safe and effective sedation experience.

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