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The strength of your jawbone is important to your total oral health. With a weakened jawbone from missing or infected teeth or physical trauma, you may require a bone graft so the jaw can accommodate dental implants. Introduced in the mid-80s, guided bone regeneration is a proven technique to regenerate bone before the placement of bridges or implants. Dr. Nicosia was one of the first periodontists to be trained to utilize this technique. There have been many revisions and additions to the procedure since then, through tissue engineering, making these procedures highly predictable. The most significant advancement has been using animal and human growth factors in the graft material, making bone grafts more viable.

At Patrick V. Nicosia D.D.S., M.S., Inc., this surgery is performed to prepare your jaw for subsequent implant surgery to replace missing or weak teeth. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicosia at his Houston, TX office to get more information about bone graft surgery.

A bone graft procedure performed by Dr. Nicosia in Houston, TX can dramatically improve your oral health with a number of great benefits, including:

  • Offers multiple treatment options
  • Allows you to get dental implants
  • Restores facial structure
  • Offers safe, effective, and predictable results
  • Helps preserve surrounding teeth and bone
  • Reduces risks for other oral health issues
  • Improves overall oral health
  • Provides a sturdy foundation to rebuild a strong, beautiful smile
  • Boosts confidence and self-image

You may have a weak jawbone if you have some oral conditions, like gum disease, or if you had a physical trauma to your face. The jawbone may begin to atrophy if a tooth was missing, and it was either untreated or replaced with a removable or cemented restoration instead of a dental implant. Bone graft surgery strengthens and prepares the jaw for a dental implant; however, you'll have to be willing to commit time to the process. Bone grafting can take months to heal, but you'll have a stronger jaw that will not only support your dental implant but also your natural teeth for better overall oral health.

The process of your bone graft procedure may vary on the source of the graft and the amount of grafting needed. During your consultative appointment, Dr. Nicosia will discuss your graft options and help you decide on the best plan. Bone grafting as a supplemental or prerequisite procedure is very common, especially if you've had a missing tooth for some time. Types of grafting include an autograft, which uses bone tissue from a patient's body, allograft, which uses bone harvested from another person, xenograft takes bone from an animal, and alloplasty uses a synthetic bone.

When your bone graft is ready, Dr. Nicosia will numb the needed areas and place an incision through the gum tissue to reach the jawbone. Your bone graft will be attached to the jawbone along with proteins and collagen that encourage the graft to attach and grow. The gums will be closed with sutures, and the area will be cleaned.

Highly recommend Dr. Nicosia. He and his entire staff are professional, highly knowledgeable, and extremely personable. I required a surgical tooth extraction, bone graft, and implant for my rt front canine. Everything was performed expense I am more than willing to pay to have it done right! . . . A First Class Experience ~ Truly . . .

M.H. Google

Dr. Nicosia and his team are fantastic! He did an esthetic gum procedure on my front teeth and I could not be more satisfied with my experience and the results. The appointments were easy to schedule and the staff was very friendly. I did not have to wait for either the consult appointment or the procedure appointment. Dr. Nicosia is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to discuss the procedure and all of my options. He made sure I was comfortable the day of the surgery and I had zero post-op pain. Dr. Nicosia even personally called me later that evening to check on how I was doing. I absolutely recommend Dr. Nicosia and his practice!

L.F. Google

Gum grafting sounded scary until Dr. Nicosia took the time to simplify the procedure and make me feel like I was his number one priority. Dr. Nicosia and his staff were always available to answer my questions no matter what time of day or night I called. Dr. Nicosia is both professional and personal when it comes to your unique treatment plan. So happy I was referred to Dr. Nicosia.

D.C. Healthgrades

I had a very bad experience with 2 dentists and never went back to any dentist which made me have a very bad case of gingivitis, I couldn't even open my mouth! One dentist was practically on top of me working on my tooth and another dentist was rude when I asked questions. I never went back to any dentist and was afraid of them, until years later when I was loosing my teeth.I was recommended to Dr Nicosias office and took care of me like I was the only patient there! I HIGHLY recommend Dr Nicosia and his team! They made you feel part of their family and not just dollar signs. They take the time to explain everything detail by detail, even taught me how to brush and floss correctly which I did wrong for many years. Plus they are bilingual!! Thank you Dr Nicosia for saving my teeth and being very patient!

E.C. Google


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After your bone grafting procedure is complete, you may notice some discomfort and swelling in your jaw. Over-the-counter pain medication and cold packs are recommended, but Dr. Nicosia may also prescribe you pain medication. Your jawbone will integrate this new tissue into its bone structure over the next nine months. During this period of healing, it is important to maintain an oral hygiene schedule that includes brushing and flossing daily. After your bone graft has healed, we can continue making plans for your dental implant placement.

Build up your jaw so it can support both dental implants and your natural teeth with bone grafting at Patrick V. Nicosia D.D.S., M.S., Inc. At your consultation with Dr. Nicosia, you will learn more about your bone graft options and get a custom plan for a treatment that will give you a stronger jawbone. Contact our office in Houston, TX to schedule your appointment.

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How long does a bone graft procedure take?
A bone graft procedure typically lasts between 45 – 90 minutes. Our periodontal team at Patrick V. Nicosia D.D.S., M.S., Inc. utilizes advanced bone grafting techniques to help provide the most favorable results for patients who have bone loss from periodontal disease or other factors.
Are bone grafts painful?
Dr. Nicosia and his Houston, TX team will take measures to help ensure that your bone grafting is as comfortable as possible. Bone grafting is generally performed under local anesthesia, which may be combined with sedation dentistry options for enhanced comfort. This means you should not feel pain during the procedure.
What should I eat after having a dental bone graft?
For the first day or two, you should try to stick to an all-liquid or soft foods diet. As you recover, you may introduce more foods back into your daily routine, but you should still stay away from any hard or crunchy foods for at least the next few days, if not longer. We also typically recommend chewing on the opposite side of the mouth for the next several weeks to enhance your healing response. Our team at Patrick V. Nicosia D.D.S., M.S., Inc. will also provide comprehensive aftercare instructions following your dental bone graft.
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